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Small Business Payroll Services

1-49 Employees

Delegate your payroll headaches to us and invest that time to making your business thrive.

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Now is your chance to free up time by hiring us to compute your employees' and contractors' wages. Schedule your

free demo now!

Are you unsure of how to handle your employees' taxes? W2, W4 or 1099 questions? Don't guess, we are here to help.

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Our offices are in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Dont call a1-800 number or out of state to manage your payroll done for your local business. Schedule your free demo now!

Our reports are handled weekly, bi-weekly semi-monthly and monthly to fit your business exactly. We'll even guide you to intergrate our payroll reports to your accounting.

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If you don't know which payroll service  best fits your business, contact us now for a free demo.

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